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Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy – Tami Urbanek @tamiurbanek

Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy

Some people say that writing one’s memoir is a form of therapy. I can see how that can be very true. I can say that, at times, during my writing it was a form of therapy. In the chapter where my daughter runs away and my fear and grief are at their maximum level, I was crying as I was typing. It was a form of emotional release.

However, during most of the writing, it was an awakening of sorts. I was able to look back into my past and see how far I had come since the age of eighteen. I was able to see my daughter’s early teen years in retrospect and feel grateful that we had overcome so much that she was experiencing at that time.

A beneficial part of using writing as a form of therapy is that it’s easier to put emotion into the writing. When I was writing the runaway chapter and I was crying while I was writing, I wanted my readers to cry too. I wanted them to feel the anxiety and sorrow that I was feeling at the time it was happening. So after it was written, edited and edited many more times, then finally published, I asked a few readers if they felt the same fear that I wrote about. They answered yes. Mission accomplished.

If you’re writing a memoir, use it as a form of therapy and put those emotions into the content of your book. Just as long as you do not use it as a way to feel sorry for yourself or try to get others to feel sorry for you. That is a turn-off and a sure way to receive negative reviews.  Write so that the readers feel like they’re in the room with you, feeling your pain and seeing the expressions on your face. Now, that is great writing!


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