Monday, September 22, 2014

#ReviewShare #Suspense #Thriller - Zero Alternative by Luca Pesaro @biagiotrader

Zero AlternativeZero Alternative by Luca Pesaro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book that if you introduce it in your book club, be prepared to spend hours on it. The author’s writing technique is better than most but when read collectively as one whole novel, it raises some questions. More than one reader felt as if this novel was written in different sections over different months and then pieced together. The tone and styles don’t quite match.

Then there is that the overpowering sex scene which had many females in my book club freak out. And I truly mean freak out. I have known many of these ladies for decades. None are prudes. But some also don’t read books with graphic sex or fight scenes by choice. This book gave no heads up whatsoever. Nothing in the description, nothing in the intro. It just grabbed you, and slapped you in the face. Like the drunk in the bar who tries to grope every female in sight.

It is necessary for some characters and some stories to have such scenes but in a society that is so diverse, I do think it is necessary for authors to give some warning about how graphic the content will be or at least to get the rating right. This book had a PG16. If I were 16, I’d still be reading these scenes under my bed not in front of my parents.

Overall, this is one of those stories where it’s strong plot pulls you into the story and the plot takes the driver’s seat as the main characters do their best to navigate themselves between the twists. I recommend this book but I would advise you to read the other reviews to get a gist of content warnings.

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