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#ReviewShare #Suspense #SummerofGreed - Lethal Greed (Greed Series #2) by @JWMefford

Lethal Greed (Greed Series #2)Lethal Greed by John W. Mefford
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John W. Mefford wastes no time weaving a dark and intriguing story of a world fille drugs, money, and danger in Lethal Greed. As the story begins, the criminal underworld peeks out from every corner, revealing itself without hesitation. With his straight to the point writing style, Mefford shatters the illusion of safety within mere pages.

In this story of the lurid operation of the Mexican drug cartel, the door is opened to all things illicit as each victim is swallowed by the voracious appetite of the story's malefactors. Everything from the results of their reign over drug addled teens, to their kidnappings and murders to feed their profit unfolds in a sharp and gripping manner. The crimes and the struggles of those surrounded by them are real, poignant, and increasingly intense as the story goes on.

As Arthur struggles to wake up from the nightmare of the upheaval his wife's kidnapping has created, a clandestine network of lawlessness begins to connect each piece of the story together, building the thrill and intensity. When we meet the protagonist Michael, a journalist and confidant of Arthur, the mystery quickly begins to unfold, leading to the discovery of the grim truth about the drug cartel. Each twist and turn is chilling, as Michael and his associates fight to expose and dismantle the deadly drug trade destroying their Texas community.

Mefford succeeds in shining a light on the illegal drug trade in a compelling and genuine way. He flawlessly catches every angle, laying out the insatiable greed, ego, and danger below the surface of a fledgling drug enterprise, before he quickly flips back to the disarray left in its wake.

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