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@ClarissaClemens Says, Release & Quiver #AmReading #Erotic #Poetry

Excerpts from: The Poetic Art of Seduction –
The Erotic Poetry Collection
With Commentary on How the Poems Came to Be
(Warning: 18 and Older Only Please – Sexual Content, No Profanity)

Release & Quiver

Opening my body,
For you to devour
The subtleties of pleasure,
Are in your power
Mounting maneuver,
Release and quiver
A touch deep inside,
Triggers a shiver
Losing control,
I shudder and shimmer
Vibrating thighs, heavy sighs
Let go a glimmer
Building and climbing
Tightened and ready
Clenching and gripping
Rocking so steady
Unraveling avalanche
Rips through my core
Grabbing the rush
Riding towards more
Over and over this feeling of bliss
Culminates and crumbles under your kiss
He was the wrong guy at the right time. That guy that you meet and feel like you are 2 kids playing in the world full of laughs and passion.  Of course, timing is everything and at the time I thought he was the one. Fortunately for me, he was not ready for what I had to offer and probably would not have treasured my gifts the way I deserved. Also fortunately for me, he dumped me. If we had stayed together I would never had met my wonderful life partner and muse, Tom.
Back to the wrong guy – I had shared some of my poetry with him (perfect way to seduce the man you have your sights on) and he asked me to write a poem to paint a picture of what it feels like for a woman to climax. He wanted to live out the experience through my words and try and understand how a woman feels as she peaks.
I had just started working a new accounting assistant job and I remember sitting at my desk at work and the lines started coming to me. I grabbed a post-it pad so it looked like I was working and the poem poured out in one shot. As the words described the feeling, my cubicle got quite warm and I glanced around to see if anyone was watching. I felt sure that anyone walking by would sense that what I was scribbling onto the post-it was far from anything work-related.
Just as I finished the last line, my supervisor peered around the adjoining wall of our cubicles to see what I was working on. I quickly hid the poem under some worksheets I was supposed to be completing. Her name was Lynette and after I had been there a few months and we had gotten to know each other better, I shared the poem with her. She started having lunch with me more often and my poetry ended up turning our dull days in the accounting department into a different kind of daily ‘grind’.
Thanks so much for reading this post! I’m thrilled and honored to be participating in this Book Blog Tour for my book, The Poetic Art of Seduction – The Erotic Poetry Collection.
Seductively yours,
Clarissa O. Clemens

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