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#ReviewShare #Christian #Thriller - Infernal Gates by Michael J. Webb @mjwebbbooks

Infernal GatesInfernal Gates by Michael J. Webb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This thrilling book had me completely compelled right from the start. We follow Ethan Freeman whose life is quite literally turned upside down when a plane crash kills his entire family leaving him as the sole survivor. As if his grief was not enough soon the FBI have made him the chief suspect. Matters are not helped by the fact Ethan cannot remember the tragic events meaning there is no clear cut way to prove his innocence. In his time of desperation, Sam Weaver, an ex-pilot, becomes a close friend. The romantic element the two’s relationship added to the book really elevated this literature above most other offerings in the genre.

What follows had me gripped as the pair set out to clear Ethan’s name, along the way unravelling a sinister plot that will spell the end for all mankind. It’s because of this constant threat of danger that there is a simmering suspense throughout the tale, it really helps to immerse the reader in the world the characters inhabit. The author must be commended for his brilliant writing style, it allowed me to vividly imagine the often jaw dropping events as they unfolded. I felt the plot moved along at a confident pace that allowed the characters and story to develop fully whilst still being fast enough to always command your attention. There were certainly unexpected twists and turns along the way and I found the ending to be suitably exhilarating.

Overall, when you combine the various positive attributes this book has its impossible not to be impressed. Clearly a lot of time and effort has been put into crafting each piece of the story and the result is something lovers of quality fiction will savour.

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