Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Host Chronicles: The Devil’s Offspring (Vol. 1) by D L Cox #AmReading #Excerpt #Fantasy

A ring of fire appeared in the air above the stadium’s stage and out stepped Makeda and Eshu, who now had horns sticking out of his head. Makeda eyed the angels and demons that filled the stands and then smiled before she and Eshu squared off and inched towards each other with their swords raised. They touched swords and then Eshu stepped back swinging his sword downward. Makeda swiftly swung her sword counter-clockwise until it met Eshu’s sword at their knees. He responded by heaving his sword above his head and sending it slicing down at her left shoulder. Instead of meeting flesh, his sword smashed against her sword as she swept it upward. Eshu pulled back for another advance, but Makeda kicked him in the stomach, sending him tumbling onto his back. As Eshu hopped back onto his feet, Makeda twirled her sword around her body and then gripped it with both hands.
Makeda inched towards Eshu again until they touched swords, and said, “That’s it, huh? I expected more.”
Eshu responded by launching his sword at Makeda’s face. Makeda leaned back in the nick of time and quickly raised her sword, blocking Eshu’s sword from crashing into her neck. Eshu then thrust his sword at Makeda’s stomach and Makeda swung her sword downward, knocking Eshu’s sword away before it could make contact. Makeda finally went on the offensive and swung her sword at Eshu’s neck. Eshu blocked Makeda’s swing, spun to his left, and sliced the tip of his blade across Makeda’s left arm.
Makeda gasped and shook off the pain as Eshu swung his sword down at the left side of her body. She gracefully weaved out of harm’s way and lowered her sword to her side and leaned right, then left, as Eshu let off a fury of downward swings.

In this Urban Fantasy, the devil’s daughter, SALEENA, and her reaper boyfriend, IZZY, elope to earth and seek to overthrow her estranged brother, SIMON CLASH, as the devil’s heir apparent on earth, but Simon is head of a powerful conglomerate, and he’s not going out without a fight. As the rivalry turns bloody, the warring siblings discover the devil has been manipulating their feud to advance his secret agenda and is using them as decoys to draw out a sword-wielding champion of humanity called the HOST, whom must be slain before the devil can unleash a reign of terror on earth.
Legend says the Host will emerge when humanity plunges into hopelessness and despair, and NATHANIEL BRENNER, the young man responsible for delivering a magic sword to the Host, hopes that is soon. Nathaniel has spent the last six years searching for the Host to no avail and has recently seen a drastic rise in demon activity on earth, which he knows could only mean one thing: humanity is running out of time. Saleena and Simon unite to save their own hides, but it may be too late—not only for the devil’s offspring, but for humanity too! The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and Nathaniel is determined to thwart the devil’s plans and find the Host.
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Genre - Urban Fantasy
Rating - PG-13
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