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#Author Fenella J. Miller Shares A Publishing Horror Story @fenellawriter #AmWriting #AmReading

Publishing Horror Story
This is not my story, but is a true account of what happened to another writer I know. This writer had been, like many others, trying unsuccessfully to find an agent or publisher for a book she had devoted many years to writing. This manuscript had been sent to a professional editing service and was more than ready, but still found no home. The writer had tried every publisher and agent she'd been told about and then, at a writers' meeting, heard about a relatively new publisher who it seemed was open to submissions from debut authors.
This writer immediately sent off a query letter and they asked to see the entire manuscript. Almost by return she had a contract which she signed eagerly, believing she had found a dream deal. The contract was signed without her having fully understood what she was signing up to. I could have warned her that no reputable publisher makes an offer so quickly, the book has to be read thoroughly by several members of that company before a decision can be made.
The publishers proved to be an aggressive and difficult people to work with and this particular author was in shreds long before the book was ready for publication. The cover she was offered was not what she wanted, she believed it to be amateurish and unprofessional looking, but again she was harangued for daring to criticise.
Worse was to come as it became clear that the only way she could acquire copies to sell at the book tour venues she had set up was by paying the full price. This meant that when she sold a book she would actually be making a loss because nobody buys a book at a book signing expecting to pay the price on the back cover. The publisher did nothing to promote the book; they made a small fortune from this writer's ability to sell her own books at her own promotional venues.
This writer is not going to make any money from her book although she has hand sold hundreds of copies. She will not be sending a second novel to this publisher and I hope she has better luck next time; she didn't deserve what happened to her. I have since heard of another debut author has been trying to get published for many years and has just signed an identical contract with the same publisher. She got a contract two days after sending her manuscript – somebody did try and explain this was not a publisher to go with –but like many new writers she is just desperate to become a published author and is prepared to ignore all the horror stories she has heard.
There are far too many small publishers set up by individuals in order to exploit those desperate to
become published. My advice to any new writer would be to listen to what is said by others about a small, independent publisher before signing the contract. Far better to be indie published, and have control of the whole process, than go with a publisher like the one I have described above.
World War II brings divided loyalties and tough decisions in this page turning drama from Fenella Miller.
Hannah Austen-Bagshaw’s privileged background can’t stop her falling in love with working-class pilot, Jack, but Hannah has a secret. Torn between her duty and her humanity, she is sheltering a young German pilot knowing she risks being arrested as a traitor. Hannah’s worst fears are realised when Jack finds out what she has done and their love begins to unravel.
Will her betrayal be too much for Jack to forgive?
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