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Michelle Rabe – How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration @michrabe

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration

I think how everyone creates their own space to let inspiration in is as unique as every writer. So I’ll tell you how I came up with my little nook. The first thing and most important part of any writing room is a door. Seems a little obvious but, you need a door that you can close. This isn’t my idea, I got it from Stephen King’s book On Writing. The reason you have to be able to close the door is so that you can shut the world out. You as a writer need the space to let go of the stresses of everyday life and give your imagination room to play. I’m a very visual person so staring at a blank wall drives me crazy. As a result, my writing space has masks and a cork board on them. I like working in low light, candle light is preferred but since it’s not always practical I have a string of funky lights along the wall. On my desk I have a lamp that’s a lit tree, that along with the other lights are enough to write by. My desk isn’t big, it’s an old fashioned writing desk that has a section that pulls out to write on. The desk has been in my family for as long as I can remember. The past few years it’s been tucked away in a spare room at my dad’s. In its long life it has been painted (by me) with a white and lavender crackle finish that I didn’t work for me anymore when I got it back this time. When I embarked on the long process of stripping and repainting it I had this crazy idea to paint the writing part with chalkboard paint. I get ideas in a lot of different places, they kind of hit me at strange moments so I like have a way to write things down quickly so that I don’t forget, hence the chalkboard. The rest of the desk is covered with little trinkets that help me get in the mood to work. I have a coffin, more masks, file folders with information that I might need, spare pens and a couple of candles. When I’m going to work, I turn on the lights on my desk and leave the main light off, turn on my music of choice and settle in. You can set up your work area however you like, if you need no distractions then maybe just a laptop cart or desk just big enough for your computer is the way to go. No matter what you like, I want to stress that you should have a regular writing space, especially if you’re a beginning writer. You’ll get used to working in that place and you’ll find yourself being able work better in that space. I wish you all happy writing nook making, have fun with it and remember to do what works for you.

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