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Author Interview - Demelza Carlton @DemelzaCarlton

Tell us a bit about your family.
I’m married to a wonderful man and we have a seven-year-old daughter who thinks mermaids are silly.
How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
I rarely get them. I started writing Ocean’s Gift because a fun story crept into my head and wouldn’t let go until I’d written it down. I had a reasonable job and publishing started as an experiment – one that’s been a lot of fun so far. I don’t doubt myself…but I do celebrate every time I sell a copy of one of my books, because that’s one more person I get to share my story with.
What scares you the most?
Losing the people I love. I’ve been skydiving, I’ve swum with sharks, I’ve cuddled snakes and patted tigers, I’ve even stood on stage and spoken confidently to thousands of people  – but my worst nightmares all involve something horrible happening to my daughter.
What’s your greatest character strength?
Stubborn optimism. On a particularly tough day at work, one of my work colleagues accused me of being Pollyanna, with unicorns, rainbows and sunshine. I just laughed and said that even the worst work day was an excuse for a glass of really good wine afterwards. It’ll get better and I will get my sunshine and rainbows…or there’ll be some really foul language until I do.
Why do you write?
To get the characters and their stories out of my head. Having a lonely fisherman trying to seduce a mermaid in your head is hellishly distracting to normal life, so I did my utmost to write down Joe Fisher’s story so he’d leave me alone. I’ve published two books in his series, but he hasn’t left yet, though he has invited a whole party of other people into my head without my permission. Maybe one day…
What book genre of books do you adore?
I prefer science fiction best – yet I’ve never really written any. I live walking distance from a library with the largest science fiction collection in the Southern Hemisphere – and I’ve read a fair whack of it so far.
What book should everybody read at least once?
One they enjoy so much they want to read again.
Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?
Erotica. It’s not that I feel there’s anything wrong with the genre – it’s just that I don’t like reading other people’s sex scenes. I don’t want to know where he put his bits in relation to her bits. I’m more into practice than theory, so I tend to skip over detailed sex scenes in books – especially when roosters (cocks) are described as throbbing.
Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live?
I grew up in Perth, Western Australia and I live here still, though I’ve travelled through a fair bit of Australia and Asia. All my books are set in locations I’ve visited – so if there’s a tropical island, I can tell you exactly what’s living on the beach that can nip your foot or what’s worth eating nearby. But I won’t put it in the story unless it’s necessary to the plot.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere. The day I first got the idea for Ocean’s Gift, I asked my daughter what she thought of mermaids. Her response was, “Mermaids are silly, because humans don’t have tails.” From that one comment, an entire twisted plot evolved.
Mermaids don’t fall in love with humans. For centuries it has been so…
But Sirena is different. She lost her first love to sharks and a storm, cursing the islands that stole him from her.
Times have changed and she must swim ashore once more, to the islands she once cursed.
Gone are the boats powered by sail and steam - jet boats with GPS are now the order of the day.
Enter Joe, the deckhand on the Dolphin. A handy man to have around when the lights go out. He’ll fix your generator and have the lights back on in no time, no worries.
But can he seduce a siren?
Or will she swim away before he can uncover her secret?
A book about lobsters, beer and boobs, on some cursed islands off the coast of Western Australia. At least, that’s how Joe tells it.
For Sirena, it’s a very different story.
A tiny taste of what’s in store:
The boat was almost full of water now, I realised in panic, as I groped for a bucket to start bailing. Throwing bucket after bucket overboard, I couldn’t tell if I was making any difference to the water level in the boat.
One moment I was holding the bucket, about to scoop up more water, the next I was flying through the air. Immersed in cold, black water, I couldn’t see the surface. I struggled, kicking in the direction I thought was up, and hit a rock. I jerked back reflexively and my head cleared the water. I gulped a huge lungful of air and grabbed for the rock. I had to hold on ’til daylight.
Another big wave broke. I tried to keep hold of the slimy rock, but I was pushed out of reach, drifting in the current. I tried to kick my legs, but I wasn’t sure if I did. I couldn’t feel my feet and the numbness was creeping up my legs.
I could hear the breakers on the outer reef, louder than they were from shore. I could feel the spray on my face. A wave washed over me and I was under the water again.
I thought I could feel someone beside me, rolling me over so my face was at the surface, pulling my body through the water.
All I could hear was an unearthly singing, high and sad, like some kind of suicidal dolphin. I could say I blacked out, but everything was already so black I wouldn’t have noticed the difference.
I checked out of Hotel Consciousness. At least I got to dream of Vanessa naked.
Ocean’s Gift series
This is the first book in Demelza Carlton’s Ocean’s Gift series, which currently includes:
Ocean’s Gift (Book 1)
Ocean’s Infiltrator (Book 2)
Water and Fire
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Genre - Australian sea adventure,contemporary urban fantasy,paranormal romance
Rating – PG 13
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