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Inside The Mind Of The Writer

by Madeleine McLaughlin

Every writer is curious (nosy) and wonders about the world and people around them. A writer hears an airplane overhead, she imagines the lives of the passengers or wonders who they are and where they’re going. A writer sits in a restaurant and listens to conversations going on around her.

We love to look at people, too. Over there, there’s a young girl with a long pelvis. How does she walk? Hey, I can use that for a character. Gossip is thrilling for every writer. It’s what interests people in each other, therefore what will interest the reader to keep reading. That man talking about never realizing his boss was siphoning off money from the firm is placing a plate of author-food in front of you. The character and the reaction of others. Everyone reading the story would react the same.

There’s something else, the need for the world to know what you think and approve of your stories. I know it sounds pathetic but who wouldn’t want their inner thoughts to be accepted and even complimented. Communication is a wonderful thing, people respond and when you’re a writer, they’re responding to something very personal and important to the writer.

Writers live in the past. Some people respond to adversity or tragedy by wanting to forget it happened. The writer lives the tragedy over and over again, until she has extracted every emotion and thought about it and put it down on paper. Everything is of use to a writer, every bit of information that others see as useless or trivia is fuel for the writer.

Delving deep into the soul, whatever that is, is another thing writers do a lot. It’s like we’re in continual therapy, rooting around in our emotional root cellars looking for scraps. And strangely, the writer is visual. She sees the image of the scene and pulls out the words to match it.

The writer likes newness and oldness, both are fodder. She likes babies and old people. She watches to see how they behave and figures out how she can use them. What will make them good characters. Does it sound like the writer is always working? True. Well, we take vacations and don’t think then but most of the time, at work or at play, the writer is thinking.

Throwing a frisbee around in the backyard with the children could be a story when she puts all the elements together. Innocence. Great horror movies and books have been written with innocent characters becoming monsters. Or a heartwarming story might be in store for the imagination.

Just remember, it’s all good in writing. Every single thing is of use. The writer notices everything.

She works to put it all together so that others will understand her point of view about it. So just know that when you’re reading that book you can’t put down, that what is in it is actually a lifetime of thought and imagination of the writer. The end result of years of play.

When Kevin learns of his mountain town’s evil past, he must struggle to understand his father’s part in it and how it affects himself.

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