Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lori Ryan – A few things you need to know before you become a writer

A few things you need to know before you become a writer
I knew zip about being a writer before I entered this field last year. I had a bunch of ideas for books and a few friends had read my work and thought it was good. So, I ran out and found an editor and began my journey as a writer. I’d say I’m getting pretty good at it. I’m growing and that’s the important thing.
So, are there things you should know before you go into this field? You bet!
First, a lot of what you’ll need to do is marketing. If you self-publish, you need to market your work. If you don’t self-publish, you’ll basically be marketing anyway because you need to sell it to an agent or a publisher first and then after being published, you’ll need to do a lot of the marketing yourself, too.
Second, you’ll need to network. You need to connect yourself with other authors for joint projects and joint marketing efforts and to help spread the word about your books.
Third, you don’t get time between books to relax and recoup. Your readers want the next book and you need to publish again and again to stay at the top. In fact, if you’re self-publishing, I strongly encourage you to have at least three books completed before you publish and then begin writing the fourth one as soon as your first three are out there.
Last, the thrill you get from opening that first reader email telling you how much someone loves your work or reading the first five star review of your work or seeing your name in one of Amazon’s Top 100 lists cannot be beat! It’s worth every drop of sweat and every minute of wringing your hands wondering if someone will like your work.
So, don’t procrastinate. Get out there and write. Show your work to friends and get feedback. Get help and accept criticism gracefully. Rewrite, edit, and rework. And, someday, send your baby out into the world. It’s worth it.
Lori Ryan writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She is frequently ranked in the top 100 romantic suspense authors on Amazon.com. To find her work, visit http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00CFUKD1E.
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