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Author Interview – Moira Katson @moirakatson

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Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you?

I have dreams of being able to support myself and my family from my writing, but to be honest, I’m very content right now. I am writing stories I have always wanted to write, and I can choose my cover artist and any other collaborators I wish to have, and I get to interact directly with my fans.

It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign?

I would caution authors to be very careful about choosing target demographics. I had a set notion that my books would appeal to a very specific group: women between about 20 and 30, who had read books like Tamora Pierce’s Lioness Quartet when they were growing up. Then my first reviews were from young men in Europe, and as the reviews came in, a huge number were from people between 50 and 85 as well! I tend to look for fantasy fans, but beyond that I’ve tried not to narrow it down too much.

Tell us about your new book? What’s it about and why did you write it?

Shadowborn is a fairly classic coming-of-age story, and it includes a lot of standard fantasy and court-intrigue elements, including the character who is a pawn of another. However, the story is told from an unusual perspective—Catwin is a complete nobody, but instead of being only a spy and being in the shadows, she is tied to Miriel, and very involved in Miriel’s world. I started out wanting to tell a story, no more than that, but as the story came into being, it started being more and more about personal agency, and refusing to be defined by the plans others have for you.

Do you have any tips on how writers can relax?

I still find relaxation in reading, but it’s also very calming to look at storytelling in other formats, like video games and movies. Also, personally, I go running, and I have a vegetable garden. An awful lot of thinking gets done while running or working with my hands!

Do you have an organized process or tips for writing well? Do you have a writing schedule?

It boils down to two main things: to make time, and to be ready to write if you find you have free time. One of the best writing tips I got was to abandon the rituals: the cup of tea, the study arranged just so, a four hour block of time. Carry a notebook and be ready to jot down ideas at any time. That said, I do set aside time for writing every night, and I have a planner to keep track of what needs to get written, edited, sent to someone, all of that. Now I sound like a huge dork. But it works!

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?

I want the people who read my books to feel hopeful and empowered. That’s a tall order, but I really do feel like almost every single one of my characters (including side characters and antagonists) is one that has taken control of their life in some way, and carved out the space to make their own decisions.

What movie do you love to watch?

Stardust or Tangled. Both of them make me laugh, and are incredibly sweet stories.

How do you feel about social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Are they a good thing?

I think they’re very good. I speak as someone who was able to connect with other readers when I was in my teens, and is now able to connect with friends and fans all over the world! That would not be possible in the same way without those websites. 

What makes you angry?

People who don’t understand the privileges they have, and therefore do not try to give back to the world. I have been so lucky all my life (the fact that I have the time to write is incredible), and I try to keep that in mind all the time. I can trace Shadowborn back to that house full of books when I was a child, to having parents who loved to read, to meeting the right friends in college, to having a day job now that allows me time to write! So much comes down to luck.

Are you a city slicker or a country lover?

I love both, but I think that if I had to choose one, I would go with the country. I am so contented in the countryside, I love greenery. There’s nothing like a gorgeous view of mountains and forest!

What’s your next project?

Right now I am working on a SciFi trilogy tentatively titled “Novum.” It spans about 500 years, and follows a group of humans after the destruction of their homeland, as they are discovering more about themselves and the world around them.

Do you know your neighbors?

Yes, we see quite a lot of them. On one side we have a retired couple, and on the other side, four college students. So it’s very different, but they’re all quite nice.


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