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London Casey – Beware the Procrastination Demons

Beware the Procrastination Demons

by: London Casey

Bottom line…write something you believe in. Too many authors (including myself) have gotten stuck writing projects that we had started and were forced to finish to appease readers and/or publishers. It is hard to stay organized and focused if it is not where your heart is. If you create a story in your mind that you can’t stop thinking about, then you won’t have any problem getting words on paper.

When those demons creep up, it’s easiest to step away from the work and take a deep breath first, and then remind ourselves why we’re writing. It’s so easy right now to get lost in Twitter and Facebook… so many funny links, funny pictures, pages to life, ecards to share… but if we don’t write, we don’t share stories. That’s the writers ultimate job – to share stories. I remind myself that if I don’t write books and get them out of my system, they’re only going to drive my crazy. My characters are going to get mad. My storylines are going to be frozen in time like a nightmarish snow globe that nobody shakes. Also… my bank account is going to run to zero! ;)

Aside from the poetic stuff I’m trying to write here, the bottom line is to stay organized. Procrastination comes easy and comes fast sometimes but if you stay organized know what needs to get done, when, and how to get it done, it’s easier to fight those demons. And sometimes, dare I say it, it’s okay to procrastinate… I know I’ve personally come up with some of the best plot lines while feeling like I was ‘doing nothing’ … even when we aren’t typing or writing, we’re working. We’re writers, the job never ends.

And one last suggestion… why not have a backup project? I know some writers don’t like working on two books at once. That’s fine. However, if you have two projects and one gets stale or you get stuck or you just need a change of pace it’s easy to switch projects then. I know I have a weekend project and a weekday project. It keeps me exciting and it keeps me writing.

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