Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coral Russell – Now I Have Something to Say

Now I have something to say

by Coral Russell

I’ve sat down to write before.

In Junior High we were encouraged to keep a journal and I started an underwater, ugly duckling kind of story. The teacher wanted the story/journal entry to be done in one sitting. I ignored her because that’s the kind of rebel I am. When she brought down my grade each subsequent week, I finally gave up on it.

Another attempt was in my twenties while I was killing time waiting for my uncle. I got a couple of paragraphs in, re-read it and thought, “How depressing!”

In my thirties I filled journals with story ideas and completed a play based on Saint Teresita, a curadora that worked in the Southwest US and Mexico. I even had a Mary Magdalen kind of story after reading that prostitutes during that time engraved “Follow me” on the soles of their shoes so patrons would know where to find them. Imagine my chagrin when The DaVinci Code became so popular. I had read the same books Dan Brown used as research for his story.

In my forties I had time on my hands and a good working knowledge of technology when the eBook publishing craze hit. My husband had time too and since we needed a new hobby and I was too chicken to publish something on my own, we collaborated on three short stories together. Just yesterday we mapped out a couple more “How-to” books we want to write.

It’s taken me this long to figure out why I read so much during my younger years but never could get the words on paper, or rather, e-ink. I didn’t have something to say. I didn’t have strong beliefs, opinions and all around bullheadedness. I was young. Now that I’m older, I’m not afraid to have something to say. I’m not afraid to have an opinion. I’m not afraid to be a contrary woman.

Watch out world, now I have something to say.



When Mexican drug cartels fight for control along the border, Juarez becomes the murder capital of the world. In El Paso, Texas it’s drug business as usual: a grifter sets out to buy her freedom, a car salesman runs drugs to make his fortune, a gang leader battles to rise among the ranks of the cartel, and a detective and his wife are ripped apart by a family secret. Everyone’s fate lies in the hands of an old woman. Will she let the past die with her or take revenge the only way she knows how?

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  1. Sacrifice looks like a great book that I've now marked to read.