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Ana Fawkes – How to Network Online to Promote Your Book

How to Network Online to Promote Your Book

by: Ana Fawks

This is a very good topic to discuss as both a reader and writer. There’s so much talk about the importance of Twitter and Facebook but it’s very important not to overstep boundaries when it comes to social networking. You can’t just PUSH, PUSH, PUSH a book on readers. That’s not fair to them and it can push them away! I know I’ve seen some authors who are always pushing and it just bothers me. It makes the Facebook and Twitter experience seem fake.

Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to social marketing but this is the approach that I’ve used…

I like to be friendly and personable with those online. It’s nice to talk as humans, isn’t it? On my Facebook page I post about what I’m writing. I talk about release dates. I always sing the praises of my readers when they send one of my books soaring up the book charts! Because I love my readers so so so so much.

On Twitter I like to do the same, but something about Twitter is just different. The quick conversations. The Tweets are small. It’s fun to get on Twitter and find Tweets to reTweet and people to meet. I’ve met a lot of readers and writers on Twitter. Now, I have my Pinterest account linked to Twitter, which is fun because I like finding interesting stuff on Pinterest and having it send to Twitter helps to engage in conversations that otherwise may not exist.

The ultimate networking tool for me is my newsletter. I always offer people to sign up. I don’t force it, I don’t push it, but I just kindly explain that the newsletter tells readers of news about me and my books. And it tells of any new releases that have come out. It takes a few seconds to sign up – and it’s also easy to unsubscribe if need by. I make sure the link is available everywhere I can offer it without being pushy. The newsletter lets me build a file and send it to so many people at once. And so far, while my subscriber list isn’t that large, I have a HUGE open rate and a GREAT click rate. That means the people who are signing up are reading and most of them are clicking… and hopefully grabbing a copy of the book I’m telling them about!

In order of networking preference… this is just me… I’d go like this:





Again, that’s just me. But the key is to establish and build relationships.

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