Friday, August 30, 2013

Dakota Madison – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dakota Madison

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dakota Madison

by: Dakota Madison

1. Dakota Madison is a pen name created from the names of my bloodhounds, Dakota and Madison.

2. I’m a psychology professor by day and a writer in my “free time.”

3. I’m a Wizard of Oz fanatic. I’ve been collecting Wizard of Oz memorabilia for years.

4. I love to travel. I’ve been to 47 of the 50 US states and 13 foreign countries.

5. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 18.

6. I share a birthday with both James Cameron and Madonna, although not the same birth years. Elvis Presley also died on my birthday.

7. I’m the daughter of an immigrant and I’m married to an immigrant.

8. I’m also an award-winning screenwriter.

9. I’m an INFP

After Alex Died

This NEW ADULT ROMANCE contains MATURE LANGUAGE and SUBJECT MATTER and is intended for readers ages 17+.

“Don’t be someone who defines her life by someone else’s death.”

Dee Dee DeMarco’s brother, Alex, was funny, free-spirited and creative. He was also gay. Tormented by bullies, Alex killed himself on his 15th birthday.

Two years later, and now in college, Dee Dee believes getting a summer job working with a college-prep program for disadvantaged high school students is a stroke of luck, until she discovers that the guy assigned to co-lead her group is Cameron Connelly, a star basketball player and one of the bullies who tormented her brother to death. How can Dee Dee possibly spend the entire summer working so closely with one of the boys she blames for her brother’s death?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I think this is a little story with a lot of heart. I hope you think so, too!

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Genre - Contemporary/New Adult Romance

Rating – R

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