Thursday, August 22, 2013

Author Interview – Samantha Warren

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support? Jennifer L. Oliver and Merry Farmer are both very close friends and crucial supporters in my writing career. They’ve kept me sane, and I like to think I’ve helped them do the same. Jennifer writes dark fantasy and Merry writes historical romance. Both are fantastic writers.

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you? I want to be able to live off my writing. I don’t mean I want to be rich, but I want to be able to pay all my essential bills with a little left over without worrying each month if I’m going to make ends meet. Though it would be really awesome to have one of my books made into a movie. I would consider that a huge success.

It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign? Most of my marketing is what I call “passive promotion”. Talking to people, getting to know them, chatting on Twitter, Facebook, etc. People are more willing to check out your books if they know that you’re a decent, fun person to begin with.

When you are not writing, how do you like to relax? All writers I know relax by reading. You can’t be a good writer without being an avid reader. Nothing is more relaxing than curling up in a comfy chair (or my prefered hangout – the hammock) and reading a really really really good book.

Do you have any tips on how writers can relax? Get a hammock, tie it between two awesome shade trees, grab a good book and a big glass of iced tea.

How often do you write? And when do you write? I try to write every day, but sometimes I have trouble with that. I know some people who have set times to write, but my schedule is so weird most days, that doesn’t work. I usually get most of my writing done close to a deadline. That’s when the motivation is highest.

The Iron Locket

She was raised to hunt faeries. He was raised from the dead.


Aiofe Callaghan comes from a long line of faery hunters. Hired by one of the faery queens, they protect the human world from chaos and destruction. But when Aiofe stumbles through an open door into the land of Faery, she discovers the job isn't as simple as it seems, and neither is she.

Arthur Pendragon spent centuries in blissful nothingness, until the day the four queens banded together to raise him from the dead. Along with his twelve most talented knights, he leads the warring armies of Faery against the greatest enemy they have ever known: one of their own.

Can they overcome their differences to confront the greatest challenges either of them have ever faced?

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Genre - Paranormal Romance

Rating – PG

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