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Author Interview – Lee Tidball

Do you plan to publish more books? Most definitely!  I have another one coming out in July that is a middle-grade/YA historical fantasy, the third chapter of my three-part graphic novel series should be out by sometime this fall, and my publisher for MALLED has already requested that I turn a couple more of my screenplays into novels for her company.  So lots going on.

What else do you do to make money, other than write? It is rare today for writers to be full time… What other jobs have you had in your life?  I was fortunate to have a very long and satisfying career as a middle-grades teacher before becoming a writer full-time.  I also coached youth runners, soccer players, and founded and directed a community children’s theater program at various times in the past.  These things gave me a priceless wealth of experience with young people and families that helps me write relatably and realistically for this audience.  It also allowed me to retire a couple years ago with a pension adequate enough to pay the bills, etc. and pursue writing on a full time basis rather than just on weekends, over holiday breaks, and in the summer.  My writing career, both in novels and screenwriting, has really taken off since then.

If you could study any subject at university what would you pick?  Most any kind of history, but probably ancient history in particular.  I used to teach that to my 6th graders and it was a blast!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?  Somewhere that it’s not cold, but not too hot either, especially not humid, and where I can get along speaking English.  That could be a myriad of places, but any of them could be home as long as my partner Cyndie was with me.

Tell us about your family?  I live with my partner Cyndie, who has been a real godsend to me as a writer because she genuinely admires my work and never stops encouraging me in it.  And since she’s a teacher (2nd grade), she always plugs my age-appropriate stuff with her students J.  Her oldest son just graduated from college and will enter the working world as a mechanical engineer.  Of her other two teenage kids, one will be off to college this fall to the University of California, Merced and the other will be a sophomore in high school.  I have two grown sons who live near their mom in the St. Louis area.  I have brothers and sisters that live back in the Midwest, and nieces and nephews that live in various places around the country.

How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk? I write with a laptop (definitely prefer Macbooks), usually at a desk.  But I also have hung out in bookstores and coffeeshops a lot with my Macbook and a portable lap desk working as well.  I’d be hopeless without some kind of way to actually type my work (as opposed to pen and paper)—my handwriting is almost completely illegible, even to me.


Amazon bestseller - Teen/YA Literature and Fiction

“Imagine the unimaginable.”

That was the mantra of young prodigy Hector Chevas’s mentor in architectural design, Gellini. But even Gellini couldn’t imagine the horrors that his prize student and adopted son would fill Suburbia’s new Heartland Mall with to wreak revenge on those who killed Gellini and murdered Hector’s only friends. “Black Friday” was never blacker.

But Hector couldn’t imagine that, in the middle of his deathly rampage, an “angel” from his past would re-appear into his life; wild-child Janey, whose life he’d saved years before, and who’d never forgotten her promise to “always love him…for reals.” But was that love strong enough now to learn the unimaginable truth; to call Hector’s “dead” soul back to life and resurrect him from his mad plunge into oblivion?

MALLED is a story filled with tragedy, terror, raw emotion, unspeakable horrors, and, above all, the awesome power of ferocious, undying love. Go for it. Get into it. Dare to “imagine the unimaginable.”

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Genre –  NeoGothic Horror / Thriller

Rating – R for violence & language

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