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Ethan McKenzie – How to Write Nonfiction (or Any Other Genre) Like a Pro

How to Write Nonfiction (or Any Other Genre) Like a Pro

by Ethan McKenzie

Writing, like any other skill, requires hard work as well as dedication to be successful.  Love of the craft, because of the large amounts of time which writing mandates, is also necessary.

Many people who are not familiar with the writing industry, may mistakenly believe that anyone can write a book.  While some people are blessed with a natural talent for writing, most are not; this does not mean however, that only gifted writers are getting their works published.  Thankfully, the skill of writing may be learned and improved upon.

Education and training for writing is not limited to major colleges and universities.  Junior and community colleges, non-credit institutions, correspondence schools, and even on-line/long-distance learning opportunities are readily available for writers who want to improve their skills.

One of the most basic steps to writing like a pro, is to simply write, and write every day.  A difficult hurdle to overcome, is just getting started.  Any writer knows that he must jolt himself into action, get himself started, and keep going.  Writers must not allow procrastination or writer’s block to prevent him from writing.

Another requirement is focus. Each piece of content must have a leading idea.  Whether writing a novel or a simple tweet, there must be a guiding idea, bringing the content together in an organized, related manner.

Reading and studying are constant requirements for the process of becoming a good writer.  Words are like oxygen to a writer.  It is only by constantly reading, whether it be from newspapers, dictionaries, even web articles, that a writer can absorb a sufficient vocabulary.

Assessment of progress is also a necessity.  After writing the first or second draft of work, it must be read and reviewed with a discriminating eye.  A writer should seek the opinion of someone whose judgment is reliable.  Many new writers may want to think about organizing a writers’ group, perhaps at a local community college or library.  After working on a piece for so long, it may be difficult to discern the quality of writing.  After receiving a review of the content, the next step is to revise and polish the work.

One important ingredient for writing is learning to generate ideas.  Writing can be a solitary craft and participants must have the ability to work independently, this means coming up with story ideas. Many writers give themselves assignments to work on.  Explore the subject matter and discover which elements will be the most interesting to write about, and important/interesting for the reader.

Research is key for writing, whether fiction or nonfiction. Uncovering information can be time consuming, but writing and researching are both required for successful writing.  The more detailed information you have to work with, the richer your writing will be.

One strategy to becoming a good writer is to always keep a writing notebook within reach.  Some writers have confessed to siting in cafes to develop story ideas, simply by looking and listening to the other customers.  Many times ideas can flash through a writer’s head without him even being aware of it.  By using a notebook, a writer can capture these thoughts, jot them down, and use the information.

Many writers have had very humble beginnings, submitting writing samples to online sites (such as:  info barrel, e-zine, squidoo, constant content).  Many sites assign topics, even reviewing and providing feedback of the written article.  A handful of writers have started their writing career with similar beginnings.  By paying attention to the feedback given by the editors, an aspiring writer can judge what he needs to do to improve.

Obviously talent is required to become a successful writer; however, time, desire, effort, and dedication are also necessary.  To pursue any goal, action, followed by assessment of the progress, and adjustment (if the action needs to be refined) are also required.


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