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Author Interview – EW Taylor

Do you intend to make writing a career? I would love to make a career out of writing.  I’ve already started doing this with the successful launch of my “Zoo Academy” series and hope to be lucky enough to continue doing what I love for as long as I can.

Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it? All the time.  I think that every writer does.  The important thing is not panic and not let the block get to you. Relax, take a bath, go for a long walk or just spend some time with your family.  Once your mind is relaxed go back to your writing and you’ll find the creativity and ideas come flooding back.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? My current work is the “Zoo Academy” series.  Every book tells a different story at the zoo and different animal characters.  Each of the animals is gifted and a specialist in one subject.  The children who read the books not only get carried away in the fantasy story but also learn a lot about different topics ranging from History to Art and Geography to Languages.  I’ve now published 3 books in the series and am currently writing and finalizing the next 3 in the series.

How did you come up with the title? “Zoo Academy” is a very simple title based on a simple premise.  Children love animals and visiting zoos and adults love when their children learn whilst also having fun.  The books are all about a magical place where the animals are the main teachers at the academy and the children learn in a fun and engaging way.

Can you tell us about your main character? The main, constant character in all of the books in the series is “Barnaby”, the old zookeeper.  He is a kind, gentle but very wise man who acts as an intermediary between the children, their parents and the talented animals.  Barnaby is extremely helpful and will do anything for the children who visit his beloved zoo.

Zoo Academy – Where Animals Talk And Children Learn!

Zoo Academy is a very special place. A zoo like no other where only the most intelligent and skilled animals live. Run by the ever-friendly Zookeper, Barnaby, Zoo Academy is not only a great place for children to visit but an amazing place for them to learn a variety of subjects. From Languages to History, Geography to Arts & Crafts, the talented animals at Zoo Academy have every topic covered.

Let your child’s imagination be whisked off to a magical place where stories are beautifully told, exotic animals communicate with kids just like them and where learning is fun!

In this fantastic first story in the Zoo Academy series, Mr. Khan, an elephant and expert in History, takes our characters Emily and Jack on a whistle-stop tour of the wonders of Ancient Rome. From Romulus to Julius Caesar and all the way through to modern-day Italy with a little help from Lydia and George, Zoo Academy’s resident Geography specialists, this is a great book to ignite your child’s interest in history.

Told in a way that is informative and fun in equal measures, this book is a great way for children to feed their imagination whilst building a passion for literature and history. Finishing with a fun quiz, Mr. Khan’s History Lesson is positioned at children up to the age of 11, but is a great book for kids of all ages.

Table of contents
Jack And Emily Meet Barnaby
Going To See Mr. Khan
All About Ancient Rome
Modern Italy
What An Amazing Day
Quiz Time

In this fantastic second story in the Zoo Academy series, Dr. Penelope (a penguin) and Einstein (a polar bear), experts in Science, teach our characters Andrew and James about Global Warming and How To Save The Planet. A great book for children to not only learn about science in a fun and engaging way but also learn more about taking care of planet earth.

Finishing with a couple of experiments that children can perform in order to learn more about science, Dr. Penelope & Einstein’s Global Warning is positioned at children up to the age of 11, but is a great book for kids of all ages.

Table of contents
A Warm Return To Zoo Academy
A Hot And Cold Warning
A Home Run
Further Experiments You Can Do To Learn More About Science

Picasso & Lucy’s Colorful World is the third book in the amazing Zoo Academy series. Picasso and Lucy (a Peacock and a Pink Flamingo) give our character Hannah a painting lesson she’ll never forget. A great book for children to learn about primary, secondary and complementary colors in a fun, involving way, this is a great story that will keep children engaged every step of the journey. This book is not only great fun but it encourages children to get hands-on and participate to embed their learning in a unique way.

Finishing with additional fun and creative activities Picasso & Lucy’s Colorful World is positioned at children up to the age of 11, but is a great book for kids of all ages.

Table of contents
A Rainy Day At The Zoo Academy
A Colorful Encounter
The Color Wheel
Lesson Over
Time To Go
Further Activities You Can Do To Learn More About Colors

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Genre – Children’s Book

Rating – G

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