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Elle Campbell – Why Blogging is Important

Why Blogging is Important

by Elle Campbell

Writing is an art, a skill and it is best done by those who have lots of passion for it. As a writer, you want to stand out, get recognized and grow to become a well-known author. However, the biggest challenge lies with getting your work out there. How do you get known? Is it possible for thousands of people to appreciate your work? Well, the answers to these questions lie with the effort and strategies that you use to make your work visible to the right audience. As such, blogging is one strategy that has taken the centre stage in ensuring that writers get the recognition and attention they deserve.

Writers who want to establish a fan base need to use effective strategies to achieve this. Writers who have never tried blogging may wonder how this strategy can help them become well known authors with a long list of fans. True, this is a common concern especially for those who truly do not understand how blogging works or probably have never tried it before. Blogging is natural and it requires some effort. Many kids have been known to scribble something on the back of their books, which has often been dismissed. However, this is actually the beginning of blogging. Good writers can use such writings to calm down troubled thoughts and attain a fan base in the process. The advantages of blogging for writers are in plenty and they will be delved in this article.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Writers who display consistency with their blogs, tend to build a lot of trust and enhance a stronger relationship with their audience. Writers who are inconsistent with their blogging or forget to update the blogs at least twice or thrice a week will definitely lose out to the competition. Keep in mind, that there are thousands of people out there who are actively blogging as they try to build strong online reputations. By being away for just one week, you could end up losing a huge following. Thus, writers who want to establish a fan base should release fresh content often so as to capture the attention of the fan base and keep them alive. By establishing a loyal following, you will be making your way in to becoming a well renowned author. Also, it is worth mentioning that blogging allows you to network with your fans, understand their needs and get fresh ideas.

Blogging is Cost Effective

The costs of constructing and maintaining an effective website can prove to be quite high while the maintenance of a blog is done by one person. The owner customizes the blog and most of the blogging services come at no cost. However, in some cases, the blogger may have to part with a few dollars for customization. Today, the cost of running an effective blog is not above $ 50.00 a year. This means that you can use the blog as a cheap way of marketing your writing. With this approach, you will reach out to your target audience at minimal costs.

More Orders for your Books

Those writers who are looking for additional orders for their books can use blogging to achieve their objectives. The beauty about blogs is that they allow you to work as you advertise the services or products that you are offering. By writing articles that are SEO optimized, you will expose yourself to increased traffic that generates leads, which can easily be converted in to traffic.

Seemingly, blogs have grown to become an integral part of any business and writing is not an exception to this. People blog about all sorts of things such as lifestyle, food, shopping, magazines, pets and so much more. Every subject in the planet is covered in the blogging world. The importance of blogging among writers cannot be underestimated since blogs are kept as a way of maintaining communication with the target audience. The beauty about blogging is that you can receive a healthy and unbiased feedback from your audience and at the same time remain connected with your fan base.

Many writers have used blogging to showcase their work. For example, from my own personal experience blogging for, it opened a whole new gate to readers who are interested in my particular niche. It is a wonderful thing as I find blogging so much fun and it helped me greatly to communicate with better with my readers.

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